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What is the RBA?

In 1988, local members of a zoning watch dog organization, the River Bend Association (RBA) were successful at incorporating the City of Chesterfield.

The River Bend Association (RBA) is a non-profit, non-sectarian community organization which seeks to "promote and protect the common interests of its members as property owners and residents" of our neighborhood.  The RBA elects a Board of Directors with individual directors serving staggered terms.  

We welcome our neighbors to attend our monthly meetings, the first Tuesday of each month.  The annual RBA Meeting is held in August.


The area of River Bend encompasses the streets of River Valley Drive, River Valley Court, Olive Street Road and the sides of the River Bend neighborhood we consider the East side and West side.  

What We Do

The RBA continues to promote and protect the common interests of its members as property owners and residents.  Additionally, the RBA


> Deliver deliver new neighbor welcome baskets.

> Organize luminaries over the winter holidays.

> Provide an updated directory of the subdivisions within its membership.

> Maintain this website, e-News and our Neighborhood Watch Program.

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Nestled on the Missouri River Valley bluff is the area known as River Bend in Chesterfield, Missouri.  River Bend Estates was built by renowned developer Burton Duenke starting in 1959.  Duenke built homes in the St. Louis area throughout the 1950s and 1960s.  He also developed areas around Lake of the Ozarks such as Tan-Tar-A. 

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The RBA is a unique neighborhood community board of directors.  Your support is greatly appreciated and will be re-invested into upcoming neighborhood programs.